Supportive Independent Living

Do you need some direction in your life? Are you dealing with issues related to addictions, mental health or both? Are you making positive changes to have a healthy and happier lifestyle? Do you find yourself thinking “if only I had a bit more help…” If you can say “yes” to these types of questions, you might be a good candidate for our Supportive Independent Living Program.

sil-manHoused in the Salvation Army Center of Hope facility, the Supportive Independent Living Program is made up of components of both residential and day programs. We have 14 units in 3 pods that are rented by men who need supportive services to be fully independent and well. Program participants can stay up to 12 months as they work on Personal Development Plans with our staff.

The Supportive Independent Living Program takes a holistic approach for each man who joins us. We focus on the spiritual, physical, emotional, psychological and sexual aspects of each person. In order to gain healing and strength, each man must be committed to clean and healthy lifestyle choices that become a part of their healthy lifestyle once they leave our program. Our accountability-based program helps each of our program participants to gain a better sense of who they are in the world around them.

Our services include (but are not limited to): clean and safe living environment, Personal Development Plan Advisor, Adult Support Worker, one to one therapy, life skills, nursing and wellness services, counseling for individuals and their families, Outreach Services and much more. We create your personal plan around you and your goals. All we ask in return is that you focus on your action plan for wellness and independence!

Who makes a good SIL candidate?

  • A good SIL program participant is someone who is committed to have a clean and sober lifestyle. This man will be able to begin to address some of his personal issues related to his past, his present and his future.
  • A good SIL program participant is one who accepts and receives feedback to his behavior and is working towards overall health in all aspects of his life.
  • A good candidate is willing to access and utilize all of our resources set up for him. This man will be willing to take responsibility for his life and his future and will be willing to work with us to get him to a healthy and stable point.
  • A good SIL program participant will be more and more comfortable using the tools we help provide for him and will be ready to use those tools on his own once he leaves the program.
  • A good SIL candidate will be a good neighbor and be willing to live in community with up to 4 other men with share living, kitchen and bathroom amenities.
  • A good SIL participant will be ready for new and exiting things in his life that he will work towards.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for a spot in our program you will need to consider if this is a good option for you in your current lifestyle and your current ability and willingness to take responsibility for your future!

Please keep in mind that we do not always have room for qualified applicants. Our 14 spaces fill up quickly. We keep applications for up to six months.

  1. Fill out an application at the Center of Hope office or you may call and ask for one to be sent to you, then fax it to our office at 604-852-8029
  2. Complete a successful Criminal Record Check at your own expense
  3. Be prepared to have an interview for an opening in the program
  4. Be willing to attend the program and participate fully