Our Purpose

The Salvation Army is an international Christian organization that began its work in Canada in 1882 and has become the largest non-governmental direct provider of social services in the country. The Salvation Army gives hope and support to vulnerable people in 400 communities across Canada and 117 countries around the world.

purpose1In the Abbotsford-Mission area of British Columbia, the Cascade corps was established in 1984. Our local work flows from several locations. Cascade Community Church moved to its present building on DeLair Road in 1996.  Attached to the church is the Cascade Court complex which offers life lease apartments and community for age 55+. 

The Centre of Hope in Abbotsford includes our drop-in café, meal centre and kitchen, emergency shelter, supportive independent living, food donation area, foot care clinics, parish nurse, extreme weather shelter, outreach teams, housing support, case workers for advocacies and referrals.

In 2008 The Salvation Army won the Abbotsford Business Excellence Award in the category of Social Responsibility.


Mr. Tom Skidmore, former Chairman of the Vancouver Circle of Caring Campaign states: “Many people in this world face seemingly insurmountable physical and psychological challenges. Their souls are empty and their hearts are broken. Their world is a daily battle with drugs, loneliness, mental illness, abuse, and rejection. Every individual who enters the doors of The Salvation Army is treated with respect and dignity. They are not judged on what they have done, how unkempt they appear, or how incoherently they speak. When disheartened men and women knock on the doors of The Salvation Army, they retain a glimmer of hope that someone cares. The door opens. They are greeted warmly. For a fleeting moment, they think maybe, just maybe, this time it will be different!”