Christmas Kettle Countdown


Be Part of the Miracle

Help us ensure that no one is forgotten this Christmas. Please contact The Centre of Hope with your holiday donation today. Call 604-852-9305.

Everyone knows that Christmas is the season for joy and peace. Sadly, it can also be the season when the ache of poverty is at its most painful. The Salvation Army is highly visible in the community during this time. Here are some of the ways we work to make Christmas more meaningful for those in need:

Since singles are often not eligible for food hampers at other agencies that try to reserve their resources for those with children, we endeavour to supply hampers for them at Christmas. Someone in need can fill out an application at The Salvation Army, and a hamper will be distributed later in December.

Angel Tree
People who are unable to buy gifts for their children may register at The Salvation Army Centre of Hope. A tag is created for each child and hung on the Angel Tree at Seven Oaks Mall in central Abbotsford. Shoppers visit the booth manned by our volunteers, choose a child's tag, and then shop for Christmas presents for that child. When they are finished, they bring the new, unwrapped gifts back to the Angel Tree. More volunteers transport the gifts to Cascade Church where the donations are sorted and organized. On the appointed day, grateful parents come to the church to pick up the gifts for their children.

Christmas Dinner
A traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings is often one of the highlights of the Christmas season, and the community dinner at the Abbotsford Banquet Hall is no exception. Between 350 and 400 people look forward to this wonderful meal and leave much more satisfied than when they arrived.

Christmas Kettles
Located around town at store entrances, Christmas Kettles provide shoppers with an instant opportunity to give to those less fortunate. The financial support that is raised at Christmas is very important to the ongoing work of The Salvation Army during the season, and in the coming year.

Need knows no season! You can donate online right now

In case you were wondering ...

We value your support and make every effort to use your donations wisely and well. Applicants are carefully screened, and solid rationale is used to determine their need. The Salvation Army co-ordinates efforts with other local agencies through a shared database of recipients in order to ensure that those who are in need will not be deprived by someone trying to take advantage of the benevolence of the community.

God bless you for your generosity at Christmas and throughout the year.


A Time for Giving

We can't do it alone. In order for The Salvation Army to help those in need, we depend on your assistance. Each Christmas, many people in the Abbotsford and Mission area will turn to The Salvation Army for help in their difficulties.

When you give selflessly to help people who are in need, it is your generosity that creates the miracle of Christmas!

Hundreds of extra volunteers are needed at Christmas to:

  • prepare food
  • serve meals
  • pack hampers
  • oversee kettles
  • transport goods
  • distribute food and gifts
  • superintend the Angel Tree booth

What a great opportunity foryour family or service club!