Adult Day Program

British Columbia’s senior’s population is growing. In fact, the number of seniors over age 75 increased by 28% between 2001 and 2010. Because of the increased demand on services, seniors often have to wait until they are in a crisis before they receive the services they require, which can often lead to a hospital stay. Being stuck in hospital can lead to a decline in an elderly patients’ mobility and their ability to live independently at home or with loved ones. Add to that the concern over ‘Alternate Level of Care’ patients who no longer require hospital care but cannot return to their home because residential or home health services are not available, and it all adds up to a concerning scenario.

A recent investigation by BC’s Ombudsperson highlights the serious limitations of the home and community care system for BC seniors. A more wide ranging and innovative system of care for seniors will help us move us move forward with appropriate resources to care for our elderly or unwell loved ones and will enable seniors to live more independent and healthy lives in their own homes. Alternative programs such as these will surround seniors with a community of support services, reduce pressure on family members or care givers, and ultimately reduce pressure on our hospitals; the most expensive part of our health care system.

Information released recently by the CCPA- BC Office has made some significant recommendations in terms of addressing these vital concerns.

  1. Increase access to home and community care services, especially home support and long-term care.
  2. Integrate home and community care and primary care (physician) services for seniors with complex health needs.
  3. Increase patient involvement in decisions about their care.
  4. Treat social support as an integral aspect of care.
  5. Improve public reporting on key indicators to increase accountability and health system improvement.

The Adult Day Program of The Salvation Army Centre of Hope in Abbotsford is a one day weekly program designed to provide a safe, comfortable, community atmosphere for disabled, chronically ill, or isolated seniors who are lacking support systems in their lives. It certainly addresses many of the recommendations above as participants are surrounded with a ‘community of support’ in terms of their physical, social, medical and mental health needs.

This program is hosted by our Nursing staff and volunteers and is designed to provide support and a wider range of home care and support services to enable people to continue leading healthy and independent lives in their homes. It includes components such as social activities, exercise groups, crafts, nutrition and cooking information, educational sessions and health and wellness monitoring. (blood pressure, blood sugar, wound care, etc.).

The program not only benefits the participants themselves but also provides a much needed break for caregivers should there be one involved. Loved ones and family members are encouraged to participate in education sessions and support groups.

The goals of the program are:

  • To enhance the senior’s quality of life
  • To increase social interaction
  • To maintain or improve senior’s optimal functional level, health and wellness ( thus enabling them to stay in their homes longer)
  • To provide a safe, secure and therapeutic environment to seniors

Each day in the program is another opportunity to share life experiences, make new friends, and practice skills that promote independence and confidence.

Target Population:

  • Those experiencing reduced mobility but able to travel to and from program
  • Limited stamina and cognitive ability to participate in community programming
  • Behaviors that can be managed
  • Repetitive health complaints
  • Simple Wound Management
  • Lack of ability to manage medications
  • Withdrawal from activities of interest
  • Decreased decision making skills
  • Need of emotionally supportive care during a difficult season
  • Lack of interest in eating
  • Resisting care from a family member

Admission Process:

  • Referral may be made by phone, online, or in person. Referral assessments will be reviews by the Program Manager and pre-registration is required.
  • Admission to the program will be based on client need and suitability, facility capability, staff skills, and program offerings.

The Salvation Army Adult Day Program runs in The Centre of Hope building at 34081 Gladys Ave. in Abbotsford on Wednesdays from 10:00 am til 3:00 pm. We have 10 individuals actively participating in the program currently, and we have a waiting list of 25 people who are anxious to join us. For more information in regard to the program, please contact Angela McClelland at The Centre of Hope at 604-852-9305 Ext. 197

And here are some testimonials from participants, family members, and volunteers.

“Since coming to this program, my life has changed for the good. I have met some great folks, especially Angela (our LPN). The program is outstanding. We play games and are a close-knit group. There are many ‘heartfelt thoughts’ that I can’t say enough good things about my life. It gives my wife a break while I am here.”

“It (the Adult Day Program) has changed my life. I was in the Homeless Shelter with no direction and attended the Adult Day Program, found direction and information that was pertinent to my goals. I staved off depression, listlessness, to achieving independent housing and independence from the system. I am 63 years old, use a wheelchair full-time and if I need guidance and support the staff and volunteers camaraderie and the games keep me physically active. This group is my anchor.”

“The Adult Day Program is so much more than a meeting as they help us with our health as well as our physical activity and our mental being and the companionship we enjoy.”

And from one of our Volunteers:

“It feels that I have increased the quality of life because I am blessed with a group of talented people, all part of the Adult Day Program.”

And from a Family Member:

“I am very happy that The Salvation Army offers a Senior’s Dare Care Program. My mother does not get out very much and this is an outing she enjoys very much. Thank God for the Handi-Dart system that gets people out to events like this.”